Friday, November 13, 2009

The Gordon Mountain Ghost

Gordon, PA is where one of the most famous ghost stories in Schuylkill County is located

The Gordon Mountain Ghost, or the Broad Mountain Ghost.

A little history:

Back in the mid to late 1920s a young woman’s body was found on the Gordon Mountain along a road that leads from Heckscherville to Gordon. She was partially burned and unrecognizable. To this day the case is unsolved. The woman’s identity is unknown, as is her murderer.

There are many stories of this ghostly woman, wondering aimlessly through the mountain.

The most popular is:

On a full moon your traveling along the old mountain road towards Gordon, a woman brushing her hair is sitting on a large stone along the road. Your car lights dim and the engine shut off. She gets up and walks to the car, and looks in all the windows searching for her murderer. Once she realizes her murderer is not there she disappears, the car will start up and you can drive away.

Was it a Hoax?

A man by the name of J. Seitzinger claimed to have hoaxed a lot of these sightings. There were stories of a woman on the mountain, many people wanting to see the ghostly woman drove to Gordon to have a look for themselves. Seitzinger heard of this and felt it was his duty to make sure people saw something, using mannequins and sheets.

Why investigate a known hoax? We have had reports of cars shutting off, radios turning on, and many weird happenings on this road. Some folks claimed to see something.

I certainly believe that all hauntings the public has access too, may have been hoaxed at one time or another. Does it mean that it is all a hoax? Probably not, somebody saw or heard something to get it all started.


August 6th 2009
Investigation time: 9 pm to 12:30 am

The road that leads from Heckscherville to Gordon is new, and is not the road that the experiences are on. The new road is called Gordon Mountain Road; the stories are on the old road, called Mountain Road.

Some say this road is no longer there, with developing and new highways put in the area. Part of the road is still there and it is the same part of the road that the experiences were on. The area where the woman’s body was found is still there untouched.

We arrived at 9pm, mounted video cameras on our vehicles, and drove the road. We drove this road six times.

We then walked the road; the road is not very long about 2 miles.

We then walked up to the area where the body was found, not knowing the exact spot we stopped at several areas to do some EVP work.


Unfortunately we did not capture or experience any paranormal events.
Our vehicles didn’t even sputter along this road; we captured nothing on the video cameras.
Walking the road we heard the usual night life sounds in the woods nothing out of the ordinary.
EVP sessions revealed nothing.

The old Gordon Mountain Road gave us nothing paranormal, does it mean there is nothing going on there? One investigation revealing nothing doesn’t mean there isn’t something paranormal there. I do plan another investigation there. We now know the location where the body was found.

If you've had an experience or more information on the Gordon Mountain ghost please email me.


  1. I have lived in this area all my life and have heard the stories of the ghost of the Gordon Mountain. I have never experienced anything and have been on that road during the full moon and when the old road was still fully entact. Whether it is true or not it to remain seen. Some say the murder never happened, and though there was a body of a young woman found on the mountain she was not murdered. I really don't know. It would be worth doing some digging in the old newspapers from the time, as something like a murder in this area would not have gone unpublished.

    1. Unless you have a 4wd and a chainsaw you aren't close to it as the road is a quad path now. The location is the only circle of moss in the woods where nothing grows

  2. thank you for the info. I must do some more digging before I waste anymore time up there.