Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Rake

The Rake is a humanoid creature described as being 6 feet tall, with grayish skin and big black eyes resembling a naked man. The creature feeds by entering peoples dreams and killing them.

Many believe that this creature is some sort of alien, due to the fact that it does look like a grey alien. It could possibly be a (human/grey) hybrid done by the greys themselves. Others believe it as a demon.

The rake is known to show up in someones bedroom at night, it seems the creature likes to watch the terror in someones eyes when they awake and find the rake at the bottom of thier bed. The rake is also known to leave scratch marks on the walls of the victims he has visited.

Here are a few old accounts of the rake.

A Journal Entry (translated from Spanish): 1880

I have experience the greatest terror. I have experienced the greatest terror. I have experienced the greatest terror. I see his eyes when I close mine. They are hollow. Black. They saw me and pierced me. His wet hand. I will not sleep. His voice (unintelligible text).

A Mariner’s Log: 1691

He came to me in my sleep. From the foot of my bed I felt a sensation. He took everything. We must return to England. We shall not return here again at the request of the Rake.

The first written documents of this creature first started in the summer of 2003, and like the slenderman is allegedly made up creature.

Witnesses and surviving victims would disagree.

Horned Skulls

The existence of numerous horned skulls is one of the most controversial artifacts in existence, and not one that modern science can easily explain. The skull shown was discovered in France. Analysis and X-ray examination of the skull demonstrated that the horns were genuinely part of the skull and not a forgery. It is only one of hundreds found worldwide and is on display at the London Museum. Several 7-foot tall skeletons with horned protrusions were unearthed in Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Monday, February 10, 2014

A basic look at The Greys

They are responsible for the majority of abductions around the world.  They are 3.5 – 4.5 ft. tall, very large heads and large almond shaped eyes that are black but sometimes pinkish in color. They have no ears or ear lobes, a small slit for a mouth and some have no mouth at all. Long thin arms reaching to their knees, they have four fingers and no thumbs. Some have very long fingers and some have webbing between the fingers. Their skin is described as grey, beige or pinkish grey. They are devoid of all emotion.

It is believed that they are using earth as a gigantic breading ground. The reason for abductions babies! Time and time again abductees recall the same sequence of events and observations. No one really knows why they are trying to make babies but there are some theories. The first theory is that they cannot survive in our world so they are making a compatible being. Another theory is they are trying to populate the world with being that is like minded to the Greys, to save or not save the planet.

Some indications of an abduction

Missing time
Waking  up with unusual body sensations. Such as tingling, numbness, dizziness, heaviness, or paralysis
Nightmares or vivid dreams of aliens.
Sleep disorders, also waking at a specific time
Physical marks or evidence or body manipulation
Repeated sightings of an alien crafts
Clear remembrance of alien contact or interaction
Healing or inexplicable improvement in physical condition
Reactions of fear, anxiety or unusual body sensations when viewing images of aliens
Feelings of having had a communication
Unexplained behavior

Another thing the greys like to do during an abduction is add an implant. These can be found in many places on the body. The most common implants are about 3mm in size, and most common areas implanted are in the nose, ear, shoulder and leg.

Some symptoms abductees have experienced

Shoulder pain that comes and goes
Nose bleeds
Lower back pain, 3rd vertebrae  up
Knee pain, in the dip of the knee under the knee cap
Rashes, immediately after contact
A lump in the dip of the collar bone at connection to neck
Visual marks on body
Hear a buzz or modulated tones in ear, when going to sleep
Tiredness after a good night sleep
Out of body experiences

Many of the experts agree that abductees could be in the 100,000s and many would not be surprised if that number would be much higher.

Mike Morris

Ghost Photo from the Villisca Axe Murder House.

The Villisca Axe Murders occurred during the night of June 9–10, 1912 in the southwestern Iowa town of Villisca. The six members of the Moore family and two house guests were found bludgeonedin the Moore residence. All eight victims, including six children, had severe head wounds from an axe. A lengthy investigation yielded several suspects, one of whom was tried twice and acquitted. The crime remains unsolved.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The mystery of the Angel or Jesus photo?

This angel picture reveals an apparition of a figure - some believing this to be Christ because of the out-stretched arms. Others believe this angel picture to be just that - an angel pictured before the person it is bringing a message to, or watching over.

Almost all reports of this photo have it being taken in the 1970's most claim the photo was taken from a plane.

Elaine Fontes, FL wrote:

"I am writing about the old photo on your site of Christ or an angel stepping out of a cloud that was taken from an airplane window. I am very familiar with this picture. In 1972, I worked at a photo lab in Fort Lauderdale which developed all the films for the SuperX Drugstore chain in the state of Florida. This was in a batch we received to develop, along with several others on the roll taken from an airplane window. Our photo printer was so shocked when she saw it (pictures were printed one at a time back then), that she called the entire staff in to look at it, and then printed an extra one for those of us who wanted it. I kept my copy for years and have looked for it many times, but it has been lost in moving. This is a legitimate picture - I saw the original with my own eyes!"

Kevin Schemenauer of Quesnel, British Columbia wrote:

I'd guess it was taken in the early 70's. It was given to us by my aunt who had received it from a friend, so I'm not sure of it's story. I remember hearing that it had been taken from an airplane window.

Rick from Tampa, FL wrote:

I saw the photo of Jesus standing on a cloud and read that it was taken from an airplane window. It also says that it was taken in the 70's. My friend (who is now dead) showed me this very photo back in 1977. He told me that his mother's friend had
taken it from an airplane window during a storm.

Christopher from Edgewood, NM wrote:

The following is the true story and originals of the Christ or Angel Apparition pictures. This picture was given to me by my mother at my grandmother's funeral. She took this picture from the front yard of her house in Portsmouth, Ohio. I have edited this picture to show you some things such as the tree and leaves on the lower left side proving that it was not taken from inside an airplane. This picture was sent to Ripley's Believe It Or Not by my grandmother before she died, and was played on an episode.This picture has been proven to be authentic and an original by the Ripley's Company as well as other places my mother took it to and the professionals say this could not be faked and is not copied.

find out more and view original copy at:

Slender Man

Slender Man is very tall and thin with unnaturally long, tentacle-like arms, which it uses to capture prey. It has a white, featureless head and appears to be wearing a dark suit and tie. He often appears to be floating or drifting. He is commonly said to stalk, abduct, or traumatize people, particularly children.

Often it is reported that he has been seen in sections of woods in and around suburban areas. He has also been reported to be seen with large groups of children.

He enjoys stalking people, making those people become overly paranoid of his existence. Many feel he enjoys psychologically torturing his victims.

According to Wikipedia- Slender man is a fictional character
(The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a fictional character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Victor Surge in 2009.)

Aleks Krotoski, a commentator for BBC Radio 4, called the Slender Man "the first great myth of the web".

Many that have had experiences with the Slenderman would disagree that he is a myth.