Friday, November 29, 2013

Famous Ghosts- The Brown Lady of Rayham Hall

The Photograph of Lady Dorothy Walpole or most commonly known as "The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall" is probably the most famous and authentic ghost photograph in history. The picture was taken by a London-based photographer Captain Hubert C. Provand and was first published in Country Life magazine in the year 1936.

The legend says that Dorothy was locked in her room in Raynham hall as a punishment when she committed adultery with Lord Wharton. She remained in Raynham Hall and died from smallpox in 1926. Since then, Numerous people reported to have seen the ghost including Frederick Marryat, one of Charles Dicken's friend, who deliberately slept in the haunted room to prove his theory that the haunting was caused by local smugglers. On his third night, he saw a figure of a woman that depicts the image of Lady Dorothy Walpole. He was completely convinced when the apparition came closer and gave off a diabolic smile. Infuriated, He discharge his revolver into her face but the ghost faded and disappeared into thin air. Since then, he never dared to interfere "The Brown Lady"

The Brown Lady was named after her brown brocade that she weared.

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