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In Native American lore, a skinwalker is a person with supernatural abilities that can turn into any animal he or she chooses. The Navajo called it naaldlooshii meaning, he goes on all fours refers to he or she using their powers to travel in animal form.

A skinwalker is a strange animal like figure 6 foot tall. Often a mutated version of the animal that they take form of, they are very fast, agile and impossible to catch. They avoid light, in human form their eyes glow yellow like animals. In animal form their eyes do not glow.

They have the power to read minds. They can make any animal or human sound they want. You do not want to lock eyes with one. They have the power to take over your body. They don’t leave footprints. They like to use charms such as human bones, bone dust to do harm to their victims.
Skinwalkers will sometimes try to break into a home and attack the people living there. If they don’t break into the home, they will often bang on the walls, tap on windows, and climb onto roofs.

Skinwalkers are considered to be greedy, selfish, and untrustworthy. The Navajo believe skinwalkers to be witches. By Navajo law, a known witch has forfeited its status as a human and can be killed at will. The assumption is that a witch by definition is evil.

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah.

This ranch has had some strange activity going on since the 1920’s. There are a wide variety of claims including, mysterious shapes (barely visible) moving about on the property, flying lights, lots of poltergeist phenomena outside and inside the home, a strange orange mist which would open and reveal a blue like sky within it, described as looking into a porthole into another world, flying objects were often seen emerging from this hole. An enormous wolf like figure roaming about the ranch, it would attack livestock. It was said to have been shot at very close range and the creature didn’t even flinch, it walked off unharmed. Cattle were mutilated or just flat out disappeared. Also, there were a lot of UFO reports in the area.

On story told of the owners dog ran off chasing blue orbs, the owner chased after the dogs. Once he caught up with them they were vaporized into nothing more than grease spots on the ground.

The Ute Indians would not venture onto the land, claiming it was cursed. They said skinwalkers used this land as travel ways to Dark Canyon.

1996 NIDS (national institute for discovery science) set up an investigation to try to figure out what was going on in this area.

The scientist involved had many strange occurrences, but were unable to collect any kind of evidence. Every time there was activity it seemed like batteries would die at once or they had equipment failure.

One of the weirdest things they had witnessed was a yellow light that manifested and then turned into a tunnel. A black humanoid figure emerged from the tunnel and they lost sight of is as it’s wandered the ranch. Another thing they noted is that when the tunnel closed there was a strange sulfuric odor.

Colm A Kelleher and George Knapp wrote a book on the events that took place on that ranch in the mid 1990’s called The Hunt for Skinwalker.

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