Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The mystery of the Angel or Jesus photo?

This angel picture reveals an apparition of a figure - some believing this to be Christ because of the out-stretched arms. Others believe this angel picture to be just that - an angel pictured before the person it is bringing a message to, or watching over.

Almost all reports of this photo have it being taken in the 1970's most claim the photo was taken from a plane.

Elaine Fontes, FL wrote:

"I am writing about the old photo on your site of Christ or an angel stepping out of a cloud that was taken from an airplane window. I am very familiar with this picture. In 1972, I worked at a photo lab in Fort Lauderdale which developed all the films for the SuperX Drugstore chain in the state of Florida. This was in a batch we received to develop, along with several others on the roll taken from an airplane window. Our photo printer was so shocked when she saw it (pictures were printed one at a time back then), that she called the entire staff in to look at it, and then printed an extra one for those of us who wanted it. I kept my copy for years and have looked for it many times, but it has been lost in moving. This is a legitimate picture - I saw the original with my own eyes!"

Kevin Schemenauer of Quesnel, British Columbia wrote:

I'd guess it was taken in the early 70's. It was given to us by my aunt who had received it from a friend, so I'm not sure of it's story. I remember hearing that it had been taken from an airplane window.

Rick from Tampa, FL wrote:

I saw the photo of Jesus standing on a cloud and read that it was taken from an airplane window. It also says that it was taken in the 70's. My friend (who is now dead) showed me this very photo back in 1977. He told me that his mother's friend had
taken it from an airplane window during a storm.

Christopher from Edgewood, NM wrote:

The following is the true story and originals of the Christ or Angel Apparition pictures. This picture was given to me by my mother at my grandmother's funeral. She took this picture from the front yard of her house in Portsmouth, Ohio. I have edited this picture to show you some things such as the tree and leaves on the lower left side proving that it was not taken from inside an airplane. This picture was sent to Ripley's Believe It Or Not by my grandmother before she died, and was played on an episode.This picture has been proven to be authentic and an original by the Ripley's Company as well as other places my mother took it to and the professionals say this could not be faked and is not copied.

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