Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Strange Base and Happenings in Dulce, New Mexico

Aliens, UFO's, undeground facilities, human and cattle experimentation by aliens....sounds more SCI-FI than real life. But one man by the name of Phillip Schneider told a compelling story that is cohesive with several others who have now come forward as witnesses to the strange events beneath the surface of Dulce, New Mexico. Could it be a completely fabricated story? Or is truth stranger than fiction?
A man by the name of Phillip Schneider was an engineer and geologist for the government who helped build underground facilities in Dulce, New Mexico in late 1979. Phillip was assigned to work in Dulce New Mexico for the government, building and digging elaborate underground tunnels beneath the surface. One day in late 1979 an unexpected event occurred. Phillip was attacked in the deepest sublevel of Dulce New Mexico that reached 2.5 miles beneath the surface. Phil was attacked by a species of alien grays. He lost three fingers, and suffered a serious injury to his chest that was caused by an emitted ray from one of the Grays. Phillip managed to survive the attack but he was eventually diagnosed with Cancer due to radiation exposure. No one else in his group survived the attack. Phillip claims to have killed two alien Grays before escaping into a elevator.

He began speaking in public in 1995 about an undeground war with aliens, known as grays, in Dulce New Mexico's underground goverment facilities. Phil was seriously injured and claims to have killed two alien grays after exiting an underground elevator. He lost three of his fingers and suffered a deep chest wound during the attack. Phil was unaware of the alien species that resided and worked in the underground facilities. Phil chose to resign, but was forced to complete the project he was assigned to because of the threat of prison time. He completed his job and never returned for his paychecks.

After the attack, Phil quit working for the government. He continued to work in his field as an engineer and geologist, but kept the events that occurred in Dulce,New Mexico quiet. When a very close friend of his was murdered for speaking of the events that occurred in the Dulce New Mexico underground facilites, Phillip decided it was his duty and responsibility to Americans for him to go public, making the world aware of the conspiracy. After his best friends death, he began lecturing around the country on the events that occurred. His public lectures reached thousands as he traveled around the country speaking in different cities. Phillip could no longer keep his silence because he felt the world needed to know about the underground facilities and the governments knowledge of alien life here on the planet.

Phillip was found dead in his apartment in 1996. His death was listed as a suicide. Mystery and intrigue surrounds his untimely death. Phillip was found strangled by a catheder cord, lying face down in a wheel chair. His friends do not believe he committed suicide for many reasons. He was missing a middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger on his left hand. It would have been impossible for him to manuver his hands with great force to strangle himself. He also had access to many medicines due to his Cancer treatment that he could have overdosed at any time. Phillip also warned his family that if he "ever committed suicide" to know that he was murdered for speaking the truth. Many of his friends and family are trying to carry on his cause and prove that he was murdered for knowing too much, and speaking out the truth.

Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. If Phil's story is the truth...then our world has been living under blinders and that is a scary thought.

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